Can I add a one-time free gift for my customers, who purchase my subscription?

Yes, this can be done using 3 of our apps: Seal Subscription, Cartbot and Bundler. Install all 3 apps and follow the steps bellow:


1. Seal Subscriptions:
- Create a subscription rule (if not done already) for the product(s), you'd like the customer to subscribe to.
- Double check and save changes.


2. Bundler
- Create a new classic bundle
- Under "Show bundle widget for this bundle," select the option hide everywhere, so the widget is not displayed on your product page.
- Choose the "Set discounts on products" option at the "Discounts" stage and add the original product and the product you'd like to give away for free down below.
- Set the discount amount of the gift product in a way, so the sum of it is 0. (Eg. if the product's original price is 10$, the discount amount should be 10$).
- Save changes.
- Optional: Go to Bundler > Settings > Display discounts in cart and enable the option, so that the discount is shown in cart, to avoid customer confusion.


3. CartBot
- Click on "Create bot."
- At the "When a customer's cart includes:" stage, select the original product.
- Important: make sure to select the subscription plan you'd like to apply this for (see screenshot).

- Next, chose which product should get automatically added as a free gift.
- Optional: Check the "Bot works in reverse" option, so the customer can't get a free product without having the paid one in cart.
- Save bot.


If you followed the above steps correctly, the bot will get triggered when a customer starts a new subscription for your desired item(s), which than triggers the Bundler app to apply a 100% discount to the gift product.