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Unlock the potential of recurring revenue and skyrocket your business growth with Seal Subscriptions - the ultimate subscription solution for discovering new opportunities.

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Seal Subscriptions™ Unlock endless possibilities with Seal Subscriptions - the ultimate solution to start your subscription business and boost your revenue with ease!
Experience the hassle-free way of setting up subscriptions. Simply install the app, craft your first subscription rule, and watch as your recurring revenue flows in.
Get ready to take your business to new heights!

The app will add a subscription widget next to the add to cart button on your product pages. When your customers subscribe and the time comes to pay for their next recurring order, the auto-charging subscription rule will automatically charge your customers, while the recurring invoices subscription rule will send them an automatic email reminder with the checkout link where they can pay for the recurring order.
You can use the app in auto-charging mode and recurring invoices mode at the same time!
Allows mixed subscriptions in the same cart Your customers can now enjoy the flexibility to start multiple subscriptions with just one order. Imagine, they can choose to receive product A every month and product B every two weeks, all in one seamless process. Upgrade your subscription game and give your customers the ultimate shopping experience!

No customer registration needed Empower your customers with the ultimate control over their recurring subscriptions with our easy-to-use system. The magic link in their email gives them the power to view or cancel their subscriptions with just a few clicks. No hassle, no stress. Provide your customers with the flexibility and convenience they deserve!

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"I love it, I will be there for life!"

Shopify subscriptions app

The Seal Subscriptions app comes with lots of features, such as automated product swaps, automated interval changes, payment calendar, Quick Checkout Wizard, REST API, JavaScript API and much more. These features, together with it's sturdiness, responsiveness and affordable pricing make it the best Shopify subscriptions app in 2023 out there.

Helping merchants grow their revenue We have been helping merchants grow their subscription revenue since early 2020. Each month, we help merchants earn more than ~$20 million in subscription revenue!

Subscription boxes The Seal Subscriptions app has an integration with Bundler - Product Bundles, which gives you the functionality to offer subscription boxes in Shopify to your customers. In Bundler, you just create a Mix & Match bundle, which allows customers to combine products and in Seal Subscriptions app, you create a subscription rule for these products. Your customers will be able to build their own subscription box and subscribe on all products added to the box at the same time!

Made in Europe The Seal Subscriptions app is made in Europe and is managed from Europe, which means that your data is encrypted and protected by strict European laws, such as GDPR, which is one of the strictest data privacy laws in the world.

Seal Subscriptions is one of the top ranked Shopify apps, with over 700+ glowing reviews from satisfied customers!

Simple subscriptions for your Shopify store Seal Subscriptions app allows you to accept subscriptions in your shop in two modes. One is the auto-charging mode, which allows you to automatically charge your customers for their subsequent orders.
The other one is the recurring invoices mode (without automatic charging), which allows your customers to subscribe and when the time comes to place the next order, they receive an automatic email and then decide if they want to complete the order or not. Because there is no automatic charging involved (in recurring invoices mode), you don't have to worry about any complaints or chargebacks.

Create subscriptions manually Seal Subscriptions app as a Shopify subscriptions app has a functionality, which allows store owners to also create subscriptions for their Shopify store manually. For example, if a customer calls you and says that they want to subscribe to a specific product, you can just open the Seal Subscriptions app and create a subscription for them.

How do I install the Seal Subscriptions app and start accepting subscriptions in my Shopify store? You can install the Seal Subscriptions app by going to the Shopify App Store and clicking the Add app button to add the app to your Shopify store. Here is the link to our app in the Shopify App Store:

Easy to find answers to your questions on your own We have extensive list of frequently asked questions, which you can easily access on the Frequently Asked Questions page.
We also have the so called Subscriptions Manual, which explains functionalities in our Seal Subscriptions app and how to use them. You can find the manual on manual page.

And let's not forget on our video tutorials:
- How to create a subscription rule
- How to create a prepaid subscription rule
- How to use automated product swaps to create subscription boxes
- Charge customers on a specific day
- View and edit subscriptions

Seal Subscriptions Merchant API The Seal Subscriptions Merchant API is a public REST API for Seal Subscriptions app, which allows merchants to retrieve details about their subscriptions, subscription rules and create webhooks to get notified whenever a specific object changes in the app. You can use the API to create custom integrations, dashboards, etc.
Seal Subscriptions Merchant JavaScript API The Seal Subscriptions Merchant JavaScript API is a collection of various JavaScript Events and methods, which makes it easier for developers to add additional functionalities to the shop's storefront. The documentation about the API is available on Seal Subscriptions JavaScript API documentation page.

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"It keeps our customers motivated and engaged."

Integration with Referral Candy

ReferralCandy logo
Seal Subscriptions and ReferralCandy have collaborated to provide a solution to subscription-based businesses, enabling them to transform their loyal customers into advocates by encouraging them to refer their friends in exchange for appealing rewards.
Through this integration, customers can furnish their friends with a coupon code that can be used to avail discounts on their initial subscription purchase.
In return, customers who successfully refer their friends will receive a coupon code that can be utilized to make reductions in their current subscriptions.
Implementing a referral program on your subscription goods is a convenient technique to draw in new customers while retaining the existing ones.
Learn how to enable referral coupons for subscriptions here.

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Success story

Success story
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Black Label Coffee

Black Label Coffee is offering their customers a subscription service, where they subscribe for regular coffee bean package deliveries. Customers can select the desired delivery period (e.g. 4 weeks) and their subscriptions are renewed automatically.
The Black Label Coffee brand is getting more and more subscribers each day and is experiencing great success with their subscription offers.
You can see one of their subscription offers here.

Recommended by Damon from

"Seal Subsccriptions has helped us more than double our repeat customer rate."

Customer testimonials for Seal Subscriptions, Shopify subscription app

A+. The experience with Seal Subscriptions has been simply splendid! The self help videos and responsiveness to setup and configuration questions have been extremely helpful. I’m not sure who is responding but it feels like I’m getting answers from a trusted, local merchant which is so unusual these days. I highly recommend this app as functionality and customer care are spot on.
by lvbxstore
This app is so awesome for subscriptions. It meets my needs so perfectly and has so many great features, even in the base tier. The YouTube tutorials are very well done and helpful. And their support team is very responsive in a timely manner. I recommend this app wholeheartedly.
by Market Force
This is a great, multi-functional subscription app. It is capable of regularly recurring subscriptions with the added benefit of giving customer loyalty discounts after X-amount of purchases. You can also set up product swaps and create the very popular subscription box with swaps. Though it is a little tricky learning to set up subscription boxes, Seal will help you work through it with friendly and patient support.
by Scout F.
This app is EXACTLY what we needed. We are selling a curated box subscription and Seal Subscriptions allows us to create subscription plans that ship monthly and bill in whatever period we wish (monthly, 3 month, 6 month, etc.) The icing on the cake is their excellent support. We created a landing page and needed to link to the subscription product page with the desired selling plan pre-selected from the drop down in the subscription widget. Their development team added this feature for us in less than one day! Amazing support!! Thank you.
by Simply Heartland

"Easy to use and plenty of features and great support when you needed one. Recommended for all size business."

5 star review by ASLAN Coffee Roasters
List of most popular features
  • Auto-charging subscriptions
  • Recurring invoice subscriptions
  • Give customers discount for subscribing
  • Increase or reduce a discount after a specific number of payments
  • Give customers a loyalty discount on a specific payment as a reward for keeping the subscription active
  • Send emails from your own domain
  • Integration with Bundler - Product Bundles, a Shopify bundle app
  • Advanced product swaps
  • Configure automated interval changes
  • Loyalty gifts
  • Subscription boxes
  • Translate widgets, portal and everything else
  • JavaScript API
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Inventory forecast
  • Payment calendar
  • Set free shipping for subscription purchases
  • Set special shipping rates for subscription orders
  • Allow mixed subscriptions in the cart
  • Quick Checkout Links
  • Add subscriptions manually to the app
  • Migrate subscriptions
  • Bulk import subscriptions with CSV file
  • Filter subscriptions
  • Show upcoming renewals
  • List subscriptions with a failed payment
  • List paused or cancelled subscriptions
  • List subscriptions with a pending payment
  • Prepaid subscriptions
  • Charge customers on a specific day
  • Set minimum required number of payments
  • Set maximum allowed number of payments
  • Set selling plan description
  • Show additional subscription info in the subscription widget
  • Control which option shouldbe selected in the widget by default
  • Dunning management (failed billing configuration)
  • Propagate product price changes to subscriptions
  • Automatically recalculate shipping costs
  • Set custom shipping method name for subscription renewals
  • Customize colors of subscription widget and customer portal
  • Show savings badge in a subscription widget
  • Hide the whole widget if only one subscription option is available (useful for subscription only products)
  • Allow customers to edit/add/remove products in their subscriptions
  • Allow customers to reschedule their billing schedule
  • Allow customers to reschedule their invoice schedule
  • Allow customers to edit their subscription info
  • Allow customers to pause/cancel/resume/reactivate their subscriptions
  • Apply subscription discounts on products added to existing subscriptions through customer portal
  • Allow customer to skip a payment
  • Allow customer to retry a failed payment
  • Allow customer to place a new order at any time
  • Allow customer to request an invoice at any time
  • Customize date and time format in customer portal
  • Tag new and subsequent subscription orders with different tags
  • Tag customer with active and inactive subscriptions with different tags
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Klaviyo integration
  • Automatically delete cancelled subscriptions
  • Set custom CSS for customer portal and subscription widget
  • Disable app on specific URLs
  • Set custom currency format
  • Hide subscription widgets
  • Send notification emails to customers and shop owner when a specific event (renewal, edit, etc.) occurs on a subscription
  • Edit notification emails with Liquid syntax
  • Get a reminder about the upcoming fulfillment for prepaid subscriptions
  • And more!