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Merchants love the in-depth knowledge of our customer support team and their simple, yet efficient solutions.

Steph from Postix
"I love it, I will be there for life!" Steph from explains how she loves our Seal Subscriptions app. Especially in combination with Bundler app.
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Rick from Fitbody
"It keeps our customers motivated and engaged." Watch how the Seal Subscriptions app works for Rick's Shopify shop.

Customer testimonials for Seal Subscriptions app
Customer testimonials for Seal Subscriptions app

Shopify merchants love the app's user-friendly interface, easy setup, and seamless integration with Shopify.

Man High Fiving Seal Subscriptions

by ivbxstore

A+. The experience with Seal Subscriptions has been simply splendid! The self help videos and responsiveness to setup and configuration questions have been extremely helpful. I’m not sure who is responding but it feels like I’m getting answers from a trusted, local merchant which is so unusual these days. I highly recommend this app as functionality and customer care are spot on.

by Market Force

This app is so awesome for subscriptions. It meets my needs so perfectly and has so many great features, even in the base tier. The YouTube tutorials are very well done and helpful. And their support team is very responsive in a timely manner. I recommend this app wholeheartedly.

by Scout F.

This is a great, multi-functional subscription app. It is capable of regularly recurring subscriptions with the added benefit of giving customer loyalty discounts after X-amount of purchases. You can also set up product swaps and create the very popular subscription box with swaps. Though it is a little tricky learning to set up subscription boxes, Seal will help you work through it with friendly and patient support.

by Colombia Coffee Roasters

The app is very easy to manage, with lots of nice features, both, for prepaid and recurring subscriptions. I like the idea that you can pair it with other apps according to what you need. The customer portal is very easy to access. Support is also really fast, kind and help you solve any issues in a timely manner. There should be more personalization features, though.

by Azolla Bar

Amazing app with tons of features to offer for the customs and prebuilt subscription emails. The customer accounts pages are very intuitive and easy to navigate for the customer. Seal Subscriptions app coupled with the Bundler app is one of the only ways I have found to give customers the ability to mix and match products with a subscription option. The customer service is also amazing, after ...

by A Sweet Sip! A Good Mood

The app's seamless setup process exceeded our expectations, streamlining the subscription management for our business. So far, we are pleased with the quality of support provided by the app developer. Their commitment to ensuring a smooth onboarding process and promptly addressing any queries or concerns showcases their dedication to customer satisfaction. The developer's expertise and responsiveness have been instrumental in making our transition to Seal Subscriptions a positive and efficient endeavor.