Automatically charge customers

Auto-charging subscriptions are the next big thing in e-commerce, as it allows you to increase your earnings with constant recurring revenue.

Seals App Screenshot
Seals App Screenshot

Offer subscription discounts

Seal Subscriptions app allows you to offer subscription discounts, including tiered discounts, loyalty discounts and more!

Most popular features

Automatically charge customers

Automatically renew your subscriptions with our state-of-the-art system.

Create subscriptions manually

You can also manually create subscriptions from your customers.

Integration with Bundler

Offer subscription discounts with bundle discounts together.

Integration with other apps

Our system is already integrated with other apps, such as: Klaviyo, Pagefly, Gempages, Google Analytics, etc.

Recurring invoices

In addition to auto-charging system, you can also use the app in recurring invoices mode.

Extensive analytics

Empower your business with great analytics and figure out what your customers want.

Payment calendar

Payment calendar gives you a full overview over the upcoming payments, skipped payments, failed payments, etc.

Send emails from your own domain

Keep your branding consistent and set the app to send emails from your domain.

Subscription discounts

Set subscription discounts in your Shopify store in our easy to use system.

Quick Checkout Wizard

Create direct checkout links with subscription products, so you can promote your subscirption deals in emails and other media.

Fixed schedules

Create predefined fixed schedules, so your customers will get charged at specific dates and at a specific time.

Set cancellation requirements

You can set the app to require customers to renew a subscription a specific number of times before they can cancel it.

Cancellation flow

Know why customers are cancelling subscriptions and reduce the cancellation rate.

Inventory control

Skip renewals of subscriptions with out of stock products.

Inventory forecast

See how much of the specific product you need before the subscriptions get renewed.

"I love it, I will be there for life!" Steph from explains how she loves our Seal Subscriptions app. Especially in combination with Bundler app.
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