Is it possible to create a bundle with subscriptions?

While our Seal Subscriptions app doesn't yet have native functionality which would allow you to create product bundles, you could achieve this in combination with Bundler - Product Bundles app. This app has an integration with Seal Subscriptions (which you turn on in General settings). 

In order to display the subscription widget in a bundle, you would have to:

  • create a subscription rule which includes all products from the bundle,
  • create a bundle in Bundler,
  • turn on the Seal Subscriptions integration in Bundler -> Settings -> Subscriptions.

The Bundler app will then show a bundle widget with a subscription widget, which will allow your customers to add the whole bundle to the cart and subscribe to all of them at the same time. 

Auto-charging subscriptions 
To display only one auto-charging subscription widget in the bundle widget, make sure that all products from the bundle are in the same subscription rule, each product has to include all of it's variants and none of the products is in any other auto-charging subscription rule. This will make sure that all products in the bundle have the same subscription options and the app will be able to show only one widget for the whole bundle.