Appstle Subscriptions alternative

Finding the best app for something in your Shopify store can seem like a lot of work, especially if you are just starting out and you are not sure what you should be looking for. You might have heard of Appstle subscriptions, or you maybe used them and were not satisfied enough. You found some issues with the app or you are just wondering if they really are the best? Rest assured, in this article I will show you that there is a much better alternative for you, called Seal Subscriptions. Seal Subscriptions is the best subscription app in Shopify app store that offers many benefits to merchants.

In this article we will show you exactly why Seal Subscriptions is a superior alternative to Appstle, from flexible customization options, to a lot of functionalities for auto-charging subscriptions, Seal offers a lot more than you could imagine.

Example of a subscription widget in Seal Subscriptions
Example of a subscription widget in Seal Subscriptions

Let's show you first key features and benefits that Seal Subscriptions offers and later we will show you why you would want to pick Seal Subscriptions over Appstle.

Why Seal Subscriptions?

Simple setup and integration

Easy to use interface in Seal Subscriptions
Easy to use interface in Seal Subscriptions

One of the big advantages of Seal is just how simple it is to setup. With user-friendly interface and a very well made tutorials, Seal Subscriptions gives you everything that you need to start a subscription business in your store, even if you never worked with subscriptions before or even if you never installed a Shopify app. Seal gives you a minimal hassle and with just a few clicks your subscriptions are ready to go live in your store!

The subscription rules are very straightforward and creating one does not require a lot of time. You simply set up things like rule name, select the product that you wish this subscription will apply to, set up selling plans where you select delivery interval, requirements and discounts and you are ready to go!

Seal offers seamless integration options for popular Shopify apps such as PageFly and Gempages, and also other apps that can enhance the subscriptions such as Bundler app where you can combine subscriptions with bundles! 

Customization and flexibility

Customization options in Seal Subscriptions
Customization options in Seal Subscriptions

Seal Subscriptions is astonishing in terms of it's customization options that it provides. From editing the various text labels appearing in the subscription widget to changing all of the possibile colors in the widget, all of that is available in Seal. Not only that but if you would like to customize the widget even further you can do that with the availability of CSS support, where you can completely change the entire widget. 

This is great since you would want that everything on your site looks fitting, has the same colors and certain things stand out more than other, such as the subscription widget. While keeping the default look is good, changing it gives you an extra layer of flexibility.

Not only customization but Seal also has tons of functionalities. From tiered selling plans, to prepaid options, to providing various discounts, the possibilities are infinite. And everything is just so simple to set up! We will talk more in-detail about the functionalities later in this article.

Easy-to-use customer portal

Customer portal in Seal Subscriptions
Customer portal in Seal Subscriptions

Of course, you would most likely want so that your customers are comfortably using the subscription service and managing their subscriptions with ease. Seal provides you with a very simple customer portal where customers that are logged in can view all of their subscriptions, pause them, cancel them, add products and do much more with it, completely depends on what did you allow them to do. That's right, Seal has many options where you can completely customize the customer experience the way you want it.

Speaking of customization, just like described in the previous point, you can also completely change the look of the customer portal, from colors, to text, to basically anything! 

Reduce cancellation of your subscriptions with Cancellation Flow

Cancellation flow management in Seal Subscriptions
Cancellation flow management in Seal Subscriptions

When subscriptions gets cancelled, you most likely want to know exactly why did someone cancel it so you can improve the system for less cancellations in the future. With Seal, you can easily do that with an amazing cancellation flow options that it offers. This way, when a customer cancels a subscriptions, they will get a prompt where they could select the reason for the cancellation of the subscription. The reasons that they are able to pick from can be defined by you in the settings. You can provide as many reasons as you want, but you should first include only the basic ones such as “Not the items I want”, “I need less items” and so on, and then you can add more reasons later if customers wrote any other reason. And yes, that means you can also enable the option where customers can write their own reason for cancellation.

Adapt to worldwide customers with translations support

Translations management in Seal Subscriptions
Translations management in Seal Subscriptions

If you have customers from all over the world, you are probably aware that some of them don't even speak English. So if a part of the page (such as subscription widget for example) is not translated, it can bring confusion to customers. With Seal Subscriptions you can translate everything you want in the widget for multiple languages. This way your non-English speaking customers will have an easier time understanding subscriptions.

You can basically translate anything, from widgets, to customer portal, to calendar. Everything is broken down in a very easy to use user interface where you can individually change every text.

Automations to further enhance Subscriptions

We all love automatic things. Seal Subscriptions provides you three ways you can expand subscriptions in your store:

  • Loyalty discounts: that gives your loyal subscribers who have been subscribed for a certain period of time additional discounts,
  • Product swaps: where you can set the app to automatically swap products in subscriptions,
  • Automated interval changes: which allow you to automatically change intervals in your subscriptions.

These ways you are further motivating your customers to subscribe to your products since they will receive additional benefits from it. 

Very affordable pricing plans

Seal Subscription stands out from other subscriptions apps that it offers a lot of different plans with a lot of functionalities. The choice is very flexible and allow you to pick the plan that fits your needs. Not only that but Seal also has a whooping 0% transaction fees on all subscriptions. The free plan also already has quite a lot of features for you to try and you can get the feel of the app before deciding if you want to upgrade to a bigger plan.

Why not Appstle?

While Appstle does have functionalities described above, Seal simply does it better. Appstle subscriptions offers limited flexibility when it comes to customizing selling plans. It's also good to look from a perspective that their pricing plans offers much less than Seal and are less flexible. The complexity of using Appstle is also much higher than with Seal. Their interface can be quite confusing to deal with and it might not be the most beginner friendly for someone that just started to get into Shopify apps. 

Appstle may also lack in comprehensive analytics and reports which is required for any business to make important decisions and drive growth. Seal of course, does have analytics that you can use to improve subscription functionality in your store.

Speaking of setting up subscriptions, Appstle may require time-consuming configurations, which is completely opposite of Seal, that does everything in a simple, friendly way. 

Customer support is very important. Seal Subscriptions has an excelent customer support service that is ready to help you at any time. Effective customer support is essential for resolving issues and providing you guidance. However, Appstle may fall short in delivering responsive support to their users. This way you might have trouble reaching out to their support while you need help the most. 


In light of these limitations, businesses are seeking a more robust and more flexible subscription management, which leads them to alternatives such as Seal Subscriptions. With it's customization options, integration capabilities and easy-to-use subscription rules, you will be more than satisfied with its use. Seal Subscriptions is setting a new standard for subscription apps. By making a switch from Appstle Subscriptions to Seal, you can unlock new opportunities for growth and stay ahead in today's market. If you would like to see a more detailed breakdown of Appstle vs. Seal where we exactly show you the advantages, refer to our other article here called Seal Subscriptions vs Appstle Subscriptions.

We hope this article helps you make a correct decision for your store!

Happy subscription management! 🛒