Best bundle app for Shopify in 2024

You might be looking for an app that will allow you to offer your customers interesting discount codes, but you are not sure which app is the right for you, Bundling apps in Shopify offer different ways to combine products and offer discounts when a customer buys certain products or combines products based on your requirements. As you probably noticed, there are dozens of Shopify bundling apps on the market, each different functionalities, which means that it is important to pick the one that fits your needs.

In this article, we will first go over the best features that the bundling app can have, giving you the main idea of different functionalities of bundling apps. Later, we will look at the top 5 popular bundling apps on the market, their advantages, pricing models, and comparison.


Best features of a bundling app in Shopify

Different types of bundles

Merchants have different requirements on how they want to apply a discount code when a customer buys products together. Maybe you would want just a discount when customers buys specific products together or maybe you would like to allow your customers to build their own bundle based on your requirements and then give them a discount based on that. Or perhaps you would like to give a sitewide discount when a customers buy products in bulk. All of the features listed above are types of bundles that the bundle app could have. So it is without a doubt a big advantage if a bundle app offers a wide variety of bundle types and gives you ideas for new ways to sell products that you might not have before.

Types of bundles in Seal Subscriptions
Types of bundles in Bundler

Great look and customization

When a customer goes to a site the bundle needs to have an attractive look for the customer so that it will feel like the bundle is worth buying. The bundle widget needs to stand out and have a nice look of it. This means that it's great for any bundle app to have high customization options for you so that you can design it in the way you want it. It's also a huge plus if the bundle widget even features a custom CSS that the merchant can use to completely change the widget to their liking. This way the look can go out of the box and merchants could design and code the widget exactly like they want it.

Changing colors of the widget
Changing colors of the widget

Integration with other apps

It's always a great plus for any Shopify app to work with other apps. You might already have a number of apps that you use on your store so if the bundle app that you want to install doesn't support them, it could mean that you won't install the app just because of that. There are dozens of apps in the Shopify store that work with discount codes and that might intervene with bundle apps. Some apps have functionalities that could be great if combined with bundle apps such as subscriptions. Another popular support for apps that are widely used are page-building apps.

Integrations with apps in Seal Subscriptions
Integrations with apps in Seal Subscriptions

Different discount options

You might have different ideas about applying discounts to your bundles so it's a big advantage for a bundle app if it offers different ways for discounts to be applied to a bundle. You could have a percentage discount that is applied to each product in the bundle, you could have a fixed amount discount that is proportionally divided between products in the bundle or maybe you just want a fixed bundle price. All of these options could be available in a bundle app so that you can pick a discount that you see fitting for your store.

Different discount options
Different discount options

Promoting the bundle

When you create a bundle you would want to promote it to your customers. It would be great if apps had different ways to promote specific bundle on their site. Some bundle apps have a feature called funnels which is for example used to promote specific bundles in a popup on the cart page or other pages in your shop. This way customers who might not see the bundle on the product page, they could get its attention on other parts of the store.

Promoting bundles with funnels in Seal Subscriptions
Promoting bundles with funnels in Seal Subscriptions

Pricing model

When picking any app it's always great to consider the app's pricing model and plans. This way you can see which app features the functionalities you are searching for, at cheap and affordable prices. That's why apps should feature a free trial for you to try their features for a certain period and then you could decide if you would like to stay with the app or not.


5 Bundles app on Shopify you should check out

1. Bundler - Product Bundles (best choice!)

Bundler app
Bundler app


Bundler is easily one of the cheapest, most affordable bundling apps on the market. It also has a constant development of new features and has many different functionalities. With Bundler you can make any type of bundle you want, from classic bundles where you can give customers a discount when they buy specific combination of products to mix & match bundles where customers can build their own bundle from the available items that you specified for that bundle. Bundler offers you great customization options to design a bundle you want on your store. It also has great integrations with apps such as Seal Subscriptions, where you can add the option of subscription to bundles. Bundler can also be used in page-building apps such as PageFly and GemPages. 

Key features of Bundler - Product Bundles:

  • Cheapest bundling app in the market,
  • 5+ types of bundles such as classic, mix & match, volume discounts, sectioned mix & match bundles and more,
  • Highly customizable and flexible,
  • 4+ different discount options such as fixed discounts and percentage discounts,
  • Great tutorials and instructions for new merchants to get used to the app,
  • Funnel feature used for promoting bundles in different locations in your shop,
  • Great analytics page,
  • Amazing support team

Pricing plans of Bundler - Product Bundles:

  • FREE plan that comes with unlimited bundles, customizable bundles, custom product images, volume discounts and unlimited orders.
  • Affordable premium plan for $6.99 per month includes mix & match bundle type, variant level bundles, landing pages, discounts in cart, funnels and more!
  • Affordable executive plan for $9.99 per month includes analytics, total revenue, conversions graph, total sales graph, best performing bundles and more!

So as you can see Bundler is our top pick because it includes the most features for an incredibly affordable price! 


2. Shopify Bundles

Shopify bundles app
Shopify bundles app

Another choice is Shopify's app for Bundles called Shopify Bundles. Shopify Bundles offers a way for you to create fixed bundles and multipacks right from the Shopify admin, and your customers can choose from variants associated with the products in your bundle. Theres also no coding or customization required since you can just create bundles for your store right away. The app is made to be incredibly simple to use so you can get used to creating bundles relatively quickly. Inventory is also updated in real-time, so you're protected from overselling.

Key features of Shopify Bundles:

  • Incredibly simple to use and great for newer merchants,
  • Available bundles types feature fixed bundles and multipacks,
  • Available customization options allow you to customize your bundle product page with images, variants and product options,

Pricing plans of Shopify Bundles:

  • Completely FREE

3. Frequently bought together

Frequently bought together app
Frequently bought together app

Frequently bought together is a Shopify app that uses AI technology to determine which products can customers add together to gain different discounts. Their AI algorithm has been trained, enchanted and polished to drive you higher conversion rates and give customers a pleasant experience. The app is relatively easy to setup and it has a very simple UI that can be used to setup quantity and discount for bundles. It also comes with customizable themes for the widget with live previews which means you can make the widget look similar to your current site. There are also different types of bundle types such as custom bundles, fixed bundles, frequently bought together bundles and upsell bundles.

Key features of Frequently bought together:

  • Easy to setup bundles,
  • AI algorithms to automatically recommend most relevant products,
  • Four types of bundles: custom, fixed, frequently bought together, and upsell bundles,
  • Can run smoothly with any number of products, order or traffic.

Pricing plans of Frequently bought together:

  • FREE plan with limited number of products, orders and traffic,
  • Unlimited plan for $9.99 per month: unlimited number of products, orders and traffic. Includes swift, efficient, knowledgeable support.


4. - Inventory Sync - Inventory sync app - Inventory sync app

Although on the pricier side, this is another bundles app that can help you sell product bundles, boost sales and keep inventory auto synced for sets, kits & volume discounts. This app allows you to create different types of bundles such as mutlipacks (sets of identical products sold together), fixed sets (two or more complementary products, sold together as a fixed set determined by merchant) and mix and match bundles which gives customers options to pick products based on your properties. One of the advantages of this app is that it has ability to automatically sync inventory which means that the inventory is synced to protect you from overselling.

Key features of - Inventory Sync:

  • Different types of bundles such as multipacks, fixed sets and mix & match bundles,
  • Ability to automatically sync inventories,
  • Bunch of different pricing that you can setup such as bulk pricing, custom pricing, flat discounts, volume discounts and more.

Pricing plans of - Inventory Sync:

  • Shopify shops plan for $14 per month includes unlimited bundles, unlimited bundle views and option to bulk import bundles,
  • Shopify plus plans for $29, $99 and $199 per month where each of them allows you more orders per month.


5. Fast Bundle | Product Bundles

Fast Bundle | Product Bundles is another popular Shopify app for bundles. Just like bundler, it also features many different types of bundles such as simple bundle, where you can combine specific products together for a discount, volume discount where you can sell multiple units of a product with a discount and frequently bought together bundle which is powered by AI where you can sell products that are frequently bought together. The app is also highly customizable and you can adjust the widget however you would like. App is used by 10000+ merchants and is highly reliable.

Key features of Fast Bundle | Product Bundles:

  • Tons of bundle types such as simple budle, volume discount, product mix and match bundles, buy X, get Y, collection mix and match bundles and frequently bought together bundles,
  • Different pricing settings available such as cart discounts, percentage discounts, subscriptions, volume discounts and more,
  • Multilingual and multicurrency support,
  • Promotion methods available such as popup for tiered discounts,
  • Great support

Pricing plans of Fast Bundle | Product Bundles:

  • FREE for up to $500 of monthly bundle sales, unlimited combo bundles, volume discount on selected products, 1 Mix & match bundle, 1 Buy X Get Y bundle, 1 Frequently bought together bundle, 24/7 support,
  • Standard (1K) plan for $19 per month, which allows you up to $1000 of monthly bundle sales,
  • Standard (3K) plan for $49 per month, which allows you up to $3000 of monthly bundle sales,
  • Standard (10K) plan for $139 per month, which allows up to $10000 of monthly bundle sales,
  • All standard plans above also come with combo bundles, mix and match bundles and other types of bundles.


Picking the best bundles Shopify app is very important, so we hope this article will help you get some ideas on the functionalities different apps can offer you. It is without a doubt that Bundler - Product Bundles ( is the best app in terms of price and functionalities. Not only it has very affordable plans it also has unlimited bundles included with free plan, which is just a huge advantage. 

We hope this article helps you on your way to creating your first bundles!

Happy bundling! 🛒