Shopify apps: Best page builder app for Shopify

When it comes to Shopify apps, one of the most popular categories is without a doubt page building apps. They're great for merchants who don't have much experience with website building or page building. The majority of page-building apps support different page types and offer many different functionalities that you may find convenient. Page-building apps offer you an easy-to-use way to build pages the way you want them to without learning how to code. Not only that but some page-building apps come with prebuilt templates that you can use and change for your website.

Trying to find the right app can be a challenge, especially if you are new to the page-building world. To make your life easier, we will take a look at the top 6 page-building apps for Shopify, their comparison, and their functions. This way you will have a clear overview of the advantages and disadvantages of some in order to make the right choice!


What makes a page-building app good?


The main reason why someone might pick up a page-building app is because they value speed and efficiency. A lot of page-building apps are optimized to perform faster, have a high responsiveness, and typically just utilize the overall performance of the page.


A good page-building app should look great. A lot of merchants might be unfamiliar with the process of building pages so page-building apps should have a great introduction or tutorials so that you can get adapted quickly to the page-building environment. The design should not be complicated and the navigation should be clear for better engagement.

Customization and flexibility

You might have the look of the site already in mind before you start building one. When someone starts to build a page, they would want to find the features, certain colors, and elements for their site that they have in mind as quickly as possible. A good app would offer high amounts of customization and flexibility such as flexible layouts, and the ability to tweak fonts, colors, and spacing. The more options there are available, the better since every business has unique branding and design requirements which makes them stand out more from the others.

Integration capabilities

Page-building apps stand out more if they are compatible with as many other apps as possible. You might already use some apps in Shopify and if the page-building app doesn't have great support for them, you might walk away from that app. It is important for page-building apps to be constantly working with other apps and keep establishing support for them.

Pricing model

It is also important that the page-building apps have a well structured pricing model and offers plans to merchants that are affordable and worth it. Majority of functionalities should be available with a free trial so that the you can try the app and decide if you would like to purchase it or not.


6 Page-building apps on Shopify you should check out

1. PageFly Landing Page Builder 

PageFly Example
PageFly Example


PageFly is a powerful and popular page builder that has been popular among merchants for quite some time now. It's great for newer users and also for more advanced, already experienced users. With PageFly you do not need to have any prior coding knowledge and it has a really clean-looking UI. With PageFly you can easily customize pages such as landing page, home page, product page, collection page, and more! It works with most Shopify themes and it has great support for integration with many other Shopify apps such as Seal Subscriptions. Their pages are also heavily optimized for speed.

PageFly also offers a wide variety of templates that you can use for your website.

Here are some of the key features of PageFly:

  • Great instructions and tutorials for newer merchants on how to make
  • No prior coding knowledge is required, drag-and-drop based design,
  • Great integration with other Shopify apps,
  • Great support for most Shopify themes,
  • A wide variety of themes is available.

Pricing plans of PageFly:

  • One slot available for FREE with all essential features and 24/7 live chat support
  • Pay-as-you-go plan starting at $24 per month: 5-50 slots and every available template
  • Unlimited plan for $100 per month: unlimited slots and priority 24/7 support


2. GemPages Landing Page Builder

GemPages Example
GemPages Example

GemPages is another big name in page-building app marketing. Just like with PageFly they also offer a relatively simple-to-use app with less coding knowledge required. With their intuitive visual editor the page designing becomes easy. GemPages also has AI features such as AI Image-To-Layout which helps you convert images and URLs into editable layouts. Pages are very responsive by default and can be styled for different devices such as tablet, mobile and desktop devices. No coding is required but for more advanced users they do offer completely custom coding in their app that you can use to add custom blocks of your own code to the page. GemPages community is also growing and you can get quick support while connecting with over 6000 Shopify merchants and GemPages experts.

Here are some of the key features of GemPages:

  • Many different templates, styled and categorized by different purposes,
  • Great visual editor with 100+ sales and marketing elements,
  • AI Image-To-Layout converter,
  • Custom coding blocks,
  • GemPages academy site full of tutorials, blog posts and other things to learn about GemPages,
  • Great Integration with other Shopify apps.

Pricing plans of GemPages:

  • FREE plan available for 1 page with drag and drop builder, offers email and chat support,
  • Build plan for $25 per month: Unlimited publishing pages, theme sections and AI generator of 300 sections per month
  • Optimize plan for $47 per month: Ai generator of unlimited sections per month and instant landing page,
  • Enterprise plan for $160 per month: All available features


3. EComposer Landing Page Builder

EComposer example
EComposer example

EComposer is a relatively new name in the page-building market that has seen a rapid growth in the past months. Provides a powerful editor with drag-and-drop support and fulfills all standards for Shopify UI. It has a big design library with various page layouts, section templates and countless elements. Big advantage is that it comes with built-in extensions to boost sales that save you a ton of time & cost instead of using third-party apps. Also comes with built-in page analytics to track page performance and improve exactly where needed. It also has a chatGPT integration that can help you generate content quickly.

Here are some of the key features of  EComposer:

  • Over 100 page templates and 260+ section layouts,
  • Great support for majority of Shopify themes,
  • Built-in-extensions for features instead of using third party apps,
  • Page analytics to help you improve the page based on statistics,
  • AI Content generator with chatGPT integration to help you generate content quickly.

Pricing plans of EComposer:

  • FREE plan available for 3 pages. Comes with all page types, all elements, 20+ integrations and 270+ pre-made templates,
  • Standard plan for $16 per month: Up to 15 pages. Includes section builder, footer builder, all VIP templates, 23+ extensions and 24/7 live chat support
  • Pro plan for $32 per month: Up to 50 pages, all VIP templates, all extensions, page analytics
  • Premium plan for $124 per month: Unlimited pages, live chat priority support, customer success manager, speed optimization support,

4. Shogun ‑ Landing Page Builder 

Shogun example
Shogun example

Shogun has been on the market for quite some time now and has been popular amongst merchants. Shogun's visual page editor allows you to create different page types including blog posts, product pages, collection pages, home pages, and landing pages. Shogun includes various templates for you to create a page you like with unique elements such as sliders, videos, countdown, product tabs, and more. It also has popular features such as A/B testing and dynamic landing pages based on user segmentation.

Here are some of the key features of Shogun - Landing Page Builder:

  • A/B testing to optimize your website by comparing variants to determine which one performs better,
  • AI-powered content generation,
  • Shogun insights allow you to see the performance of your page and see how you can improve it,
  • Bunch of unique elements that you can customize on your page,
  • 70+ ready-made templates,
  • Allows content scheduling to automate the publish of store content at designated times.

Pricing plans of Shogun - Landing Page Builder:

  • Build plan for $31 per month: Up to 25 published pages, advanced visual builder, A/B testing, Page analytics and more,
  • Grow plan for $199 per month: Unlimited published pages, SEO keyword analyzer, SEO & performance insights, content scheduling, bulk publishing and more,
  • Advanced plan for $399 per month: Content syncing across stores, custom CMS collections, user permissions and more.

5. Beae Landing Page Builder

Beae example
Beae example

Beae is a multi-functional app that has a big amount of pre-determined layouts, templates and blocks that you can use when building your website. When starting you have an option to pick one of over 400+ free, customizable page templates for many different categories. The app is built for maximum responsiveness and speed. App also offers SEO optimization for high google ranking from meta description, tags, title and much more. Of course, like other Beae has integrations with other third party apps such as Bundler. For its simplicity app has seen love by many people and is constantly getting good reviews.

Here are some of the key features of Beae:

  • 400+ free, customizable page templates, covering dozens of page types,
  • Built with high optimization and responsiveness,
  • Many integrations with other Shopify apps,
  • Constantly growing community with online forum available,
  • Allows making draft pages before publishing them,
  • Live chat support,
  • Great and clear documentation

Pricing plans of Beae:

  • FREE plan available for 3 pages. Allows you up to 30 draft pages. Free plan also includes all elements and free templates,
  • Basic plan for $11.99 per month: up to 10 pages and up to 50 draft pages. Comes with all pro templates and multi language support.
  • Professional plan for $23.99 per month: up to 50 pages and up to 100 draft pages. Includes form and popup advanced, SEO optimization and priority support.
  • Premium plan for $99.99 per month: Unlimited pages and unlimited draft pages.


6. Section store: Theme Sections

Section store example
Section store example

Section store page builder is a bit different than the others. We can say it's not a typical page-builder but it's worth mentioning it here. It's highly focused around different sections that you can use on your page when building a website. Section store is solving an issue of hard to learn page-building apps with section library full of plug-an-play customizable sections, that you can simply add to any theme on your store and customize in the theme editor. It features 200+ different sections and new sections are being added every week for merchants to explore. They are also incredibly affordable with one-time charge premium sections.

Here are some of the key features of Section store:

  • Instead of typical page-building experience you are working with different sections that you can put on your pages,
  • 200+ sections with new sections being added every week,
  • Example sections feature blogs, bundles, image grid, scrolling text, payment icons and more,
  • Incredibly fast app with no scripts and no left-over code,

Pricing plans of Section store:

  • FREE to install: allows access to all free sections,
  • One-time charge to buy premium sections.


Your choice!

Hopefully the description of the above page-building apps gave you some ideas of their key features. You can give some a try and see what available features and templates are there. Some page-builders might offer you different page templates than others, so check their list of available templates and see if there's anything to your liking.

Happy page-building! 🛒