Can I translate the subscription widgets for my multi language store?

We generally have multi-language support (even on our FREE plan) for almost every text in our app (including emails, customer portal and subscription widgets). The only issue you can face is that you can't yet translate the auto-charging subscription rules, but you can translate the recurring invoice subscription rules.. The problem is that the auto-charging subscription rules are integrated with Shopify Subscription API, which doesn't yet support translations, however, as far as we know, they have a plan to add this functionality to the API in the future.

This means that you can't yet fully translate auto-charging subscription widgets. However, if you already use an app for handling translations in your shop, then you can probably translate these auto-charging widgets with the translation app. The third party translations apps usually have the capability of translating the dynamic elements. For example, if you are using the Weglot translations app, then you will just have to add a class .sealsubs-target-element the list of dynamic elements in Weglot app. You will then be able to translate the subscription widget for auto-charging subscription rules. In Langify app, you can translate the widgets with a feature called Custom. It allows you to add a custom text and translate it into your desired language.