How can I migrate auto-charging subscriptions from another app?

There are two ways to migrate your subscriptions:
  • - Manually migrate them one by one
  • - Use bulk import feature to migrate them with a CSV file
If you only have a few subscriptions, then we recommend you to migrate your subscriptions manually, as the whole process is pretty straight forward (see instructions below). But if you have lots of subscriptions, then the first step you will want to take is to contact your current subscription provider and ask them for an export of all of your subscriptions. Our system is already capable of understanding exports from some other subscription apps (Bold V1, Bold V2, Recharge, Assemble Subscriptions, etc.), but if there are errors showing up after you upload the file, then you will have to modify the export so that it will match the format of our sample import file, which you can get in Seal Subscriptions app -> Subscriptions -> Bulk import subscriptions (in the instructions).

Here are instructions on how to manually migrate subscriptions: You can migrate subscriptions from other provider by manually re-creating them in the app. You can create the auto-charging subscriptions for the customers in your shop that have the credit card (payment method) linked to their account.
In case your customers don't yet have a payment method linked to their account, you can also migrate their payment method if your old subscription provider is using Stripe, or PayPal Express for processing subscription payments.
If you are migrating subscriptions from a newer subscription app, then your customers most likely already have the payment method linked to their profile, so you don't have to migrate it :) You just create a subscription for them.

You can migrate payment methods of your customers by going into our Seal Subscriptions app -> Subscriptions -> Add subscription manually -> select auto-charging subscription -> click on the Migrate customers from other platforms button in the Select customers card.
Follow the steps described in the migration screen, as it will guide you through the whole process.

The process for migrating your subscriptions should be something like the following:
  1. 1. Migrate the payment method for the selected customer in our Seal Subscriptions app.
  2. 2. Cancel/pause the subscription in the other subscription provider's platform.
  3. 3. Create subscription for the customer in our Seal Subscriptions app, with the same first billing date as the one scheduled date in the other subscription provider's platform.
  4. 4. That's it!

We also have a feature which allows you to bulk import your subscriptions via the CSV file. To access this feature, go into Seal Subscriptions app -> Subscriptions -> Bulk import subscriptions.

Migrating from Recharge
Generally, the bulk migration requires you to get an export of your subscriptions, then modify the export file so it will match our format and upload it to our import wizard. But if you are migrating from Recharge V2, then you can simply use our migration wizard to retrieve all subscriptions from Recharge through the API.
This makes migration from Recharge V2 incredibly easy. So if you are currently on Recharge V1, we recommend that you first contact Recharge support team and ask them to put your shop on V2. Then, you can simply migrate subscriptions through the API to our Seal Subscriptions app.

Migrating from BOLD
If you are migrating from BOLD V1, then you can either migrate the subscriptions manually (if you don't have a lot of them) OR you can use our bulk import feature in Seal Subscriptions > Subscriptions > Bulk import.
But if you are migrating from BOLD V2, then things are much simpler, as you can simply provide the BOLD API key in Seal Subscriptions > Subscriptions > Bulk import and let the system retrieve the subscriptions for you.