Where can customers see their subscriptions?

If your customer has an account in your shop, then the customer will be able to view subscriptions by logging into their account and going to /a/subscriptions/manage URL in your shop. If the customer doesn't have an account in your shop, then they can still view, edit and cancel their subscription through the link they receive in each subscription email. 

You can turn on a functionality which will add this link to the account page automatically in Seal Subscriptions > Settings > Customer portal > Access to customer portal > Automatically inject link to customer portal to the customer account menu. But if the link doesn't show up even after you turn this on, then you can follow our instructions on how to manually add the link to your account menu here: https://www.sealsubscriptions.com/articles/add-link-to-subscriptions-list

Customers can also access their subscriptions by requesting an email with a magic link which leads to all of their subscriptions. The form where they can request such email is accessible on /a/subscriptions/login if you enable it in Seal Subscription -> Settings -> General Settings. 

When customers create a subscription, they also receive an email with a magic link, which they can always use to access their subscription. Just make sure that you have this email notification turned on in Seal Subscriptions > Settings > Notifications.