How to offer a free trial?

Why should I offer a free trial to my customers?

Offering a free trial to customers is great as it allows potential customers to experience the product or service first-hand and see if it meets their needs. Free trials can also help to

build trust

with potential customers, as they can see that the business is confident in its offering.

How can I create a system like that?

You might be wondering: "Wow, that sounds great. How do I create something like this, it sounds a little complicated". No need to worry, creating a system like this is as easy as pie. Here are the steps:

  • There are


    things we need to create: Automatic discount modification & Automated interval change
  • First go down to Intervals and here, enter how long you would like the free trial to last (eg. 7 days)
  • Then go to Discount and set the discount type to percentage discount. Next enter the adjustment value, in our case this would be


  • Finally go to Automatic discount modification and


    the Change discount after specific number of payments setting. Set the Change discount after to Initial order, then set the Discount type to Percentage discount like before, and finally set the Adjustment value back down to 0% (or a lower discount of your choice)
  • After that, you can configure the rest of the subscription rule to your desired specifications and click Save rule.

  • Set up automated interval change.

  • Now comes the 2nd part, and that is creating an

    Automated interval change

    . The reason this system also needs to be created is because otherwise, the customer who subscribes will have a subscription, which will be renewed every 7 days instead of it being a monthly subscription.
  • Firstly go to: Seal Subscriptions > Automations > Automated interval changes > Create Automated interval change (green button)
  • Then set the Apply automated interval: to

    When subscription gets created or renewed

    . Next, enable the Configure payment condition and set it to

    Immediately after 2nd payment

  • Finally scroll down to: Change delivery interval configuration and set the Change delivery interval from to

    7 days

    and Change the delivery interval to

    1 month

    (or a different interval)

  • Set up automated interval change

  • That's it you are done :)

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