How to set up a minimum order value?

What is a minimum order value?

A minimum order value is a price requirement that your customer has to reach, in order to be able to complete the checkout process. This guide serves to explain how to set this up in Seal Subscriptions, if a customer has a subscription in their cart.

How can I set this up?

In order to set up a minimum order value with subscriptions, you will have to create a Delivery profile in the Seal Subscriptions app, which has a rate with a minimum price condition. This means that if the customer doesn't reach this minimum price, they won't be able to select a shipping rate in the checkout, as once a subscription is in the cart, Shopify Checkout automatically only displays the Delivery profiles created in the app.
Here are the steps how to achieve this:

  1. First, you will need to create a Delivery profile.Delivery profiles allow you to use custom shipping rates specifically for subscriptions. You can find this in Seal Subscriptions > Delivery profiles > Create delivery profile
  2. On the Delivery profile creation page, you need to select your subscription rule in the second card and the store location in the third card (see video below).

    Minimum order value set rules gif explained.

  3. You can configure the shipping price under Delivery zones > Rates > Price. This is the shipping amount that the customer will be charged for the subscription product, if they fall within the requirements.
  4. Lastly, you are able to set the minimum order value under Conditions > Based on order price > Minimum price. If your customers don't reach the price condition, they won't be able to complete the checkout process (see video below).

    Minimum order value set rules gif explained.

  5. After that, you can go ahead and save the Delivery profile.
  6. That's it you are done :)

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