Uninstalling the app

How do I remove the app from my shop?

To remove the app from your shop, you have to go into your Shopify Admin -> Apps and click the Delete button next to the Seal Subscriptions app.

If you just want to hide the subscription widgets in your shop, then you can do so by navigating into Seal Subscriptions -> General Settings -> Subscription widget settings and turning off the Enable subscription widgets in your shop option. This way, you don't have to completely uninstall the app and can keep your subscriptions active.

How do I remove the theme snippets from my theme?

If you added HTML snippets to your store automatically through the app, then you can easily find these snippets and remove them. Each snippet added by the Seal Subscriptions app to your theme is wrapped in the HTML comment, indicating the start and the end of the snippet. Here is a list of files which you have to check for any HTML snippets:
  • sections/product-template.liquid,
  • snippets/product-form.liquid,
  • sections/cart-template.liquid,
  • templates/cart.liquid,
  • snippets/cart-item.liquid,
  • templates/customers/account.liquid.
Try to find each of these files in your theme. Your theme will probably have only 3 of these files and that is okay. Don't worry if you can't find the other files. The other files are only present in other themes.
In each of these files, look for the line which starts with
<!-- Seal Subscriptions auto installation start -->
and the ending line which contains
<!-- Seal Subscriptions auto installation end -->
Remove these two lines and everything in between them.

Now, you can also remove the snippets/seal-subscriptions-plans.liquid file from your theme.

That is it :) If you need any help, you can always contact us at support@sealsubscriptions.com.