Seal Subscriptions & Loyalty app has a competitive an incredibly affordable pricing structure, which allows you to offer subscriptions in your shop for a fraction of a what you would pay at some other subscription app providers. And the best thign is that the Seal Subscriptions & Loyalty app comes with a 30 day free trial on all premium plans!
You can see the features and the pricing structure in the table below. If you ever grow close to the maximum number of subscriptions on our highest plan, just contact us and we will prepare a special plan with higher maximum number of subscriptions, which will fit your needs.

PRICE (monthly) 0 USD / month 4.95 USD / month 7.95 USD / month 20 USD / month 50 USD / month 140 USD / month 380 USD / month
Yearly price (SAVE 30%) 0 USD 41.58 USD once per year 66.78 USD once per year 168 USD once per year 420 USD once per year 1176 USD once per year 3192 USD once per year
Max number of subscriptions 150 750 1500 15000 55000 150000 400000
0% transaction fee
Regular and prepaid plans
Subscription discounts
Auto-charging functionality
Recurring invoices functionality
Dashboard analytics
Inventory forecast
Standard email notifications
Custom email HTML
Billing settings (dunning management)
Edit subscriptions
Customer portal settings
Automated product swaps
App integrations
Multilanguage translations
Subscription log
Global statistic insights
Robust API & webhooks
Resend new subscription email
Reminder about upcoming billing
Apply discounts on product swaps
Subscription login form
Automated interval change
Delivery profiles
Payment calendar
Quick Checkout Wizard
Automatically propagate product price changes
Cancellation flow
Sync SKU codes
Fixed schedules
Auto-charging rule on all products
Out of stock alerts
Skip subscriptions with out of stock items
Custom email domain
Loyalty discounts
Dedicated success manager