How do I configure the flow in Klaviyo?

First, turn on the Klaviyo integration and set your public API key in Seal Subscriptions -> Settings -> Integrations -> Klaviyo.
After you turn this on, the app will send all new events to the Klaviyo. After someone starts, pauses, resumes, cancels, reactivates or renews the subscription, you will be able to see this metric in Klaviyo and will be able to use it to create a flow.

You should be able to create a flow by going into Klaviyo -> Flows -> Create flow -> Create from Scratch -> click on Metric (to select what will trigger the flow) -> search for "Subscription" in the box to select the metric.
You should see at least some of the following metrics there:
- Started Subscription
- Cancelled Subscription
- Reactivated Subscription
- Renewed Subscription
- Paused Subscription
- Resumed Subscription

Select the desired metric and click "Done" to continue configuring the flow.

If you also turned on the feature to send the magic subscription link to Klaviyo, then you can use it like that:
<a href="{{event.SubscriptionMagicUrl}}">Click here to edit your subscription</a>