How to create a pre-paid subscription rule?

In order to create a new auto-charging subscription rule, go to your Subscription rules -> Create rule -> Auto-charging subscription rule. Pre-paid selling plans have separate delivery and billing intervals. If you want your customers to get automatically charged in advance for a certain amount of fulfillment orders check the This is a pre-paid selling plan option. This will allow you to set a billing interval, that will represent a multiple of a delivery interval (e.g. delivery every month, charge the customer every 3 months for all 3 deliveries). The price for the pre-paid subscriptions will be automatically increased to cover the cost of all products and deliveries included in one billing period. For example, if the product costs $5 and you offer it in pre-paid subscription where the customer pays for 3 deliveries in advance, then the cost of the product in subscription will be automatically increased to $15.