Seal Subscriptions app takes a while to load. What can I do?

This might be because one of your other apps is slow and because your browser loads apps one by one, it has to wait for the slow app before it can start loading Seal Subscriptions. 
Here is how you can resolve this:

If you are using a newer Shopify theme, then you can just go into Shopify admin -> Online store -> Themes -> Customize -> Theme settings -> App embeds and turn on the Subscriptions script for our Seal Subscriptions app. This script will make the app load much faster in your online shop. 

If you have an older theme, or don't see the first option in your theme, then you can resolve this issue by adding the following line right before your closing </body> tag to your layout/theme.liquid file:

<script type="text/javascript" async="" src="{{ shop.permanent_domain }}"></script>